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Preamble for 3mississippi project

Describing this project has always been a difficult undertaking, especially in terms of satisfying those who think an explanation must be given at the start, to clear the way ahead, forgetting that some set of words (to summarize the efforts and direction), is often best discovered towards “the end” … as grammar for a language, titles to a work of art, a very simple question.

Important most of all to speak and do, accumulate, arrange, undo … and listen, lose your way a bit, or more, and find through this, if not a proper set of words, something closed enough to hold an open question; not unlike skin, which, in its softness, a necessity for wisdom (recalling Aristotle).

The word arrangement comes to mind, then, as a point of departure, insofar as what it says may allow us to proceed with an uncertain kind of wonder and surprise:  one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three …


1. to put into a deliberate order or relation; dispose.
2. to plan or prepare for ...
3. to agree about; settle ...
4. music. to reset (music) for other instruments or voices, or for another style of performance.
ARRANGE, comes from an Old French word, meaning "to put in a LINE, or ROW" ... and this, from a Frankish word, meaning "CIRCLE, or RING" ...
(confusing at first; though, if you
begin, to consider ... a clock, or calendar,
ma y t h en APP EAR LE S S S O .
begin, to be g in, t o B e gi n .. . )